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Butcher with Beef


Workforce Training & Development Ltd (WTD Ltd) is a ROTAP approved Training Provider providing apprenticeships in the Food Industry with specialism in the Meat and Poultry sector.

Our strengths lie in our ability to tailor and deliver specific customer training needs, whilst aligning the provision to nationally recognised qualifications and in many cases, government funding, making the provision hugely cost effective and great value for money.

Our ability to adapt the programme to meet your needs is paramount to us -we use the standards/qualifications as a guide but they do not restrict the content that we train against, that is driven by our customer needs and processes.

Collectively our trainers/tutors have over 100 years of food production experience and three of our trainers have 60 years of butchery and boning, hands on experience. Our ability to understand and put production needs at the forefront of any training we undertake for our customers makes us industry leaders in our field.

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